Event Management

Location scouting
Sponsoring & Partner
Social Media
Security concept
Assembly and disassembly
Crisis Management
Follow-Up and End-of-Contract Report

Events create a space for communication and are a unique and distinct stage for your Brand, on which the participants are centre.

However events are also extensive, exhaustive and time intensive to organise since every detail needs to be considered in order to achieve to best possible success. We will take that weight of your mind and hands and will be your reliable and experienced partner in reaching your goals.

Since 2013 we have been organising the biggest event in Vienna’s historic City hall for the association wienXtra and the City of Vienna. Every year more than 80.000 visitors attend the GAME CITY (Link: www.game-city.at) Vienna. We are charged with all elements of the event, including acquiring sponsors, planning, marketing, official approvals from authorities, security concept, public and press relations as well as follow-up reporting at the end of each event. This is done is close coordination with our clients, down to the smallest detail.